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Organisational Set-up and Functions


The mandate of the Department of Commerce is regulation, development and promotion of India’s international trade and commerce through formulation of appropriate international trade & commercial policy and implementation of the various provisions thereof. The basic role of the Department is to facilitate the creation of an enabling environment and infrastructure for accelerated growth of international trade. The Department formulates, implements and monitors the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) which provides the basic framework of policy and strategy to be followed for promoting exports and trade. The Trade Policy is periodically reviewed to incorporate changes necessary to take care of emerging economic scenarios both in the domestic and international economy. Besides, the Department is also entrusted with responsibilities relating to multilateral and bilateral commercial relations, Special Economic Zones, state trading, export promotion and trade facilitation, and development and regulation of certain export oriented industries and commodities.

The Department is headed by a Secretary who is assisted by an Additional Secretary & Financial Adviser, three Additional Secretaries, thirteen Joint Secretaries and Joint Secretary level officers and a number of other senior officers. Keeping in view the large increase in workload in matters related to the World Trade Organization (WTO), Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs), Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Joint Study Groups (JSGs) etc, two posts each of Joint Secretaries and Directors were created in the Department during 2008-09.

The Department is functionally organized into the following eight Divisions:

1. Administration and General Division
2. Finance Division
3. Economic Division
4. Trade Policy Division
5. Foreign Trade Territorial Divisions
6. State Trading & Infrastructure Division
7. Supply Division
8. Plantation Division.

The various offices/ organizations under the administrative control of the Department are: (A) three Attached Offices, (B) eleven Subordinate Offices, (C) ten Autonomous Bodies, (D) five Public Sector Undertakings, (E) Advisory Bodies, (F) fourteen Export Promotion Councils and (G) other Organizations.

.....Annual Report 2010-2011 


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