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Subjects under Administrative Control


I. International Trade

  • International Trade and Commercial Policy including tariff and non-tariff barriers.
  • International Agencies connected with Trade Policy (eg. UNCTAD, ESCAP, ECA, ECLA, EEC, EFTA, GATT/WTO, ITC and CFC).
  • International Commodity Agreements other than agreements relating to wheat, sugar, jute and cotton.
  • International Customs Tariff Bureau including residuary work relating to the Tariff Commission.

II. Foreign Trade (Goods & Services)

  • All matters relating to foreign trade.
  • Import and Export Trade Policy and Control excluding matters relating to-

Import of feature films;

Export of Indian films- both feature length and shorts; and

Import and distribution of cine-film (unexposed) and other goods required by the film industry.

III. State Trading

Policies of state trading and performance of organizations established for the purpose and including -

  • The State Trading Corporation of India Limited and its subsidiary, STCL Ltd. (formerly, Spices Trading Corporation Ltd.) [excluding Handicrafts and Handlooms Export Corporation and Central Cottage Industries Corporation; the Tea Trading Corporation of India Limited, which are no longer subsidiaries of STC];

  • Projects & Equipment Corporation of India Limited (PEC);
  • India Trade Promotion Organization and its subsidiaries; and
  • Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation and its subsidiaries.
  • Production, distribution (for domestic consumption and exports) and development of plantation crops, tea, coffee, rubber, spices, tobacco and cashew.
  • Processing and distribution for domestic consumption and exports of instant tea and instant coffee:-

(a) Tea Board.
(b) Coffee Board.
(c) Rubber Board.
(d) Spices Board.
(e) Tobacco Board.

IV. Management of Certain Services

  • Cadre Management of Indian Trade Service and all matters pertaining to training, career planning and manpower planning for the service.
  • Cadre Management of Indian Supply Service and all matters pertaining to training, career planning and manpower planning for the service.
  • Cadre Management of Indian Inspection Service and all matters pertaining to training, career planning and manpower planning for the service.

V. Special Economic Zones

  • All matters relating to development, operation and maintenance of special economic zones and units in special economic zones, including export and import policy, fiscal regime, investment policy, other economic policy and regulatory framework.

Note: All fiscal concessions and policy issues having financial implications are decided with the concurrence of the Ministry of Finance or failing such concurrence with the approval of the Cabinet

VI. Export Products and Industries and Trade Facilitation

  • Gems and Jewellery.
  • Matters relating to Export Promotion Board, Board of Trade and International Trade Advisory Committee.
  • Matters relating to concerned Export Promotion Councils/Export Promotion Organizations.
  • Indian Institute of Foreign Trade and Indian Institute of Packaging.
  • Indian Diamond Institute and Footwear Design and Development Institute.
  • Coordination for export infrastructure.
  • Development and expansion of export production in relation to all commodities, products, manufacturers and semi-manufacturers including -
    • agricultural produce within the meaning of the Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marking) Act, 1937 (1 of 1937);

    • marine products;
    • industrial products (engineering goods, chemicals, plastics, leather products, etc.);
    • fuels, minerals & mineral products; and specific export oriented products including plantation crops, etc. but excluding jute products and handicrafts.
  • All organizations and institutions connected with the provision of services relating to the export effort including -

    • Export Credit and Export Insurance including Export Credit Guarantee Corporation Limited;
    • Export Inspection Council Standards including Quality Control;
    • Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics; and
    • Free Trade-Zones.
  • Projects and programmes for stimulating and assisting the export efforts.

VII. Attached and Subordinate Offices

  • Directorate General of Foreign Trade.
  • Directorate General of Supplies and Disposals.
  • Directorate General of Anti-Dumping and Allied Duties and related matters.
  • Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics.

VIII. Statutory Bodies

  • Marine Products Export Development Authority.
  • Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority.

IX. Miscellaneous

Purchase and inspection of stores for Central Government Ministries/ Departments including their attached and subordinate offices and Union Territories, other than the items of purchase and inspection of stores which are delegated to other authorities by general or special order.

  • e-Procurement for various States and Union Territories:-

Ministry of Commerce (Supply Division) is the nodal Ministry for implementation of e-Procurement Mission Mode Project (e-Procurement MMP) under National e-Governance Plan(NeGP) for various States and Union Territories.


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